quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012


Eu estava ancioso para postar essa camisa, Eu realmente amei essa blusa.
Eu amei as texturas, e a blusa *--*!
Bem, Eu espero que vocês gostem disso!!

I was anxious for post this shirt, I really loved this one.
I loved the Textures, and the shirt *--*!
Well, I hope you like this!!

Name: Augusto_BasicShirt

3 Áreas Coloráveis - 3 Recolorable Areas
Masculino - Male
Jovem Adulto/Adulto - Young Adult/Adult
Sims 3 Pack & Package
Compatível com jogo Base - Base Game Compatible

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Juan Gartner disse...

great job!! downloading*

Augusto disse...


Anabelly disse...

Parece com uma blusa que o darko ia postar!

Augusto disse...

É eu fiz pois achei bonita! e como ele disse que não ia postar eu fiz! =P

Jasumi disse...

Very nice and cool! Love your blog theme, btw!

Yarno disse...

'O' Nice ! And the Pictures are Great! i''m always love your Creations !

JS Sims 3 disse...

Great job! It's so sexy!

Augusto disse...

Jasumi, Thank you!! I'm so happy because you liked!!

Yarno, Thanks, It's so good for i listen! *--*kkk'

And JS Sims3 Thanks!!I made for be sexy!kkkkkkk'

Anônimo disse...

thought stolen from Darko

Augusto disse...

Well, Darko said that didn't would to post this shirt, and i was anxious for his shirt. So i made to use in my game, but i liked , and i posted for you...So i want apologize to darko.=)

Darko disse...

Dude I just don't know what to say
I'm really pissed off and in the same time kinda disappointed.
I never said I wasn't going to upload it I just postponed the upload because I wanted to change some things.
Just to be clear I'm not upset because you recreated it for your personal use but I am upset because you decided to share it.

Augusto disse...

So Darko...When i saw this in your facebook page, i stayed so anxious for the download, But you said that wasn't going to post (this is what i remember)so i made this, and i stayed so happy with the shirt... that i posted...But i never imagined that you went to stay upset...Same i staying very sad...I have to ask for you... You want that i remove this shirt of my blog? =/

Darko disse...

Well just imagine if this happend to you how would you feal????
We could have avoid this mess if you just contacted me.

Newer mind you don’t have to remove it what's done is done.
I'm not a bad guy and I don't like arguing so please just don't make me go thru this again.

Augusto disse...

Awn darko i'm your fan!
And i hope one day... who knows, we can be friends *--*

And thank you!!This don't go to happen again!

leah111397 disse...

I LOVE IT ♥♥! Its perfect for a sim i just created! Oh, by the way is that cute little red headed sim up for download somewhere??

Augusto disse...

Awin *--* thank you, but my sim model...I don't know whether i go to post he.=/

Anônimo disse...

Você está relaxando no português, hein.

Bela camisa. Continue assim :D

Anônimo disse...

could you tell me where to download the boy's hair in the middle please :)

Augusto disse...

Yeah...Here http://empiresims3.blogspot.com.br/2012/07/femme-hawk-fatale-store-for-men.html

Sarah Sorgato disse...

Opa.. tu tem o link de download do cabelo azul? (Sim da camiseta verde)

obrigada! Adorei teu blog *-*

Augusto disse...

Akii! http://empiresims3.blogspot.com.br/2012/07/femme-hawk-fatale-store-for-men.html


Unknown disse...

superb work, great job dude :)

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