segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013


New outfit for you guys!! I hope you like it!!
The mesh of the little coat is by Juliana!
( I don't ask...If i could use this, but i'm giving the credits)
Enjoy it!!

Nova roupa para vocês pessoal!! Eu espero que vocês gostem!
A mesh do colete é da Juliana!
(Eu ñ perguntei se pudia usar, mas estou dando os créditos)

4 Áreas Coloráveis -  4 Recolorable Areas
Feminino - Female
Jovem Adulto/Adulto - Young Adult/Adult
Compatível com jogo Base - Base Game Compatible

Sims 3 Pack & Package

Don't modify my creations without permission! You can send me a e-mail here.
•And please don't re-upload my creations. 

11 comentários :

buckosnort disse...

Love it <3

Juliana disse...

Não pode usar! Apaga agora!!!!!!
Brincadeira... ficou linda a roupa :3

Unknown disse...

amazimg! love it *0*

Frida disse...

Where did you find the black hair? I downloaded something liked it yesterday, but it didn't show up in my game.

I really like your work! Just found your blog, but I'm gonna come back. (:

Augusto disse...

Thanks Guys!! i love you!!

kkkkkkk' poxa kkkk valeu!!


The Hair!! Thanks!!!Come back!!XD

TheDen disse...

Cuteee!! :D

Augusto disse...


Anne disse...

Downloaded! Also, where'd you get the black hair with the bangs (girl on the left)?

Josh Luke disse...

Amazing ! :3

Unknown disse...

I wanna cry. D: I hate it when people use adfly, because I can't download with adfly.

Augusto disse...


U can download here:

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