quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2012


Oi Gente olha... Minha 1ª roupa masculina! 
A Mesh é "nova"
é para YA/A_M
espero que gostem!!!

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izaias disse...

parabéns muito linda, ja estou baixando :D

Anônimo disse...

I absolutely love seeing new clothes for male sims. Very nice work.

thecopycat disse...

Looks so great :)

Gabi disse...

nossa adoreiii essa camisa
você criou ela na ferramenta criar um padrão nao é?

Augusto disse...

Obrigado Gente!!

@Hbi não, eu uso ferramentas como TSRW e outras = )!

Joy disse...

Very cool shirt! I love it! ♥

NewOne disse...

Hey there!
I like this mesh :) Does it only require base game to install this? And do you have policy of your new mesh? Please let me know.

Augusto disse...

Thanks, ohh you may you if you want, but give me the credits!okay??

And is compatible with base game, and all others expansions packs ; D!!

NewOne disse...

Sorry to bother you but I couldn't download the file. It says "You should Sign Up or Login to download this file" when I clicked on 4Shared.
Do you have another link somewhere so I can download your file?

Augusto disse...

you don't bother me!! I upload to MediaFire...And put on the download Button!You can download now.

ahhh the link, http://www.mediafire.com/?nbe4lfyyfcdeilx

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