quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012


A new Shirt/Coat for your sims, I loved this shirt/coat!!
I really love the coat of Late Night EP!!hahaha
So i made this... with the coat!!*--*
And i hope you like it, too!

And If you're a creator of clothing for sims 3, join on Next Fashion Artist!

So the shirt.! =D hahahaha


Uma nova Camisa/Casaco para suas sim, Eu amei esta camisa/casaco!!
Eu realmente amo o casaco da EP Caindo na Noite!!hahaha
Então eu fiz isso...com o casaco!!*--*
E eu espero que você goste disso, também!

E se você é um criador de roupas para the sims 3, participe no Next Fashion Artist!

Então a blusa!=D hahahaha 

3 Áreas Coloráveis - 3 Recolorable Areas
Feminino - Female
Jovem Adulto/Adulto - Young Adult/Adult
Sims 3 Pack & Package
Compatível com jogo Base - Base Game Compatible

Se você tiver algum problema com o link acima, use esse outro
If you have some problem with the link above, use this other

22 comentários :

NewOne disse...

Very pretty! :)
I love the last picture.

Augusto disse...

@New one
Owaw thanks!!I'm happy that you like!!
I also love the last picture!!
but i love the others too!!=D!!hahahaha
Thank you!!

JS Sims 3 disse...

Nice job! I love this!

Dasha Kirilova disse...

Ahh *__*
AWESOME Ilove it!
thank you thank you thank you

Nemushi disse...

Where can we find the pants on the third picture, please? Nive job by the way !

Augusto disse...

@ JS Sims 3
Thank you!! i'm happy that you like it!!!

@Dasha Kirilova
Thank you, I'm really happy that you like it, too!!=D!!

Augusto disse...

http://www.all-about-style.com/Sims3adult_fecabottom4.html here!
Name:Leather Skinny Pants

Lorindas disse...

Wow! Augusto it's shirt is very cute!
I love it! It's realistic!
Thanks for good job!

Augusto disse...

Thanks!! I also think this!XDhahahahahha

Lovelydia101 disse...

Wow it's awesome I love your cc i have all of it. Can i ask were you got the last two hairstyles from.

Augusto disse...

I'm so happy... that you're saying this for me !!XD
2nd model: http://www.mediafire.com/?yynf9oeesxf3xr2

3rd model: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-hair-hairstyles-female/title/catfights-hairstyle--adult/id/1140372/

amylet disse...

I love it :D

Simlicious disse...

I love the shirt/coat! Really cool, good job!

Augusto disse...


Ohh Thank you!!


Hehe thanks!
i'm happy that you like it!!

Jéssicα Olivєirα ✿ disse...

Lindoo, amei.. Baixandoo! Obrigada!

EstiaSims disse...

I wish to have allll these pants..are fantastic, i really love it! Congrats ;)

Anônimo disse...

Very beautiful ! Your works are fantastic.

Augusto disse...

Thanks Guys!! I'm glad that you like!!

How Itt disse...

Augusto seu totoooso ! *OOO* Suas roupas são lindas parabens !^^ Pode me dizer onde posso achar a pose da 1ª imagem ?

Augusto disse...

Obrigadoooo!Estou muito feliz que tenha gostado!!


Tammy Williams disse...

where did you find the black pants in the first picture?

Augusto disse...

It's by Jocker but he deleted the post =/ sorry!

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