quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012


New Shirt for your girls sims!!
I love this mesh!! and i hope you like it too!=D

Nova camisa para suas sims!!
Eu amo essa mesh e eu espero que vocês gostem também!!=D

1 Áreas Coloráveis - 1 Recolorable Areas
Feminino - Female
Jovem Adulto/Adulto - Young Adult/Adult
Sims 3 Pack & Package
Compatível com jogo Base - Base Game Compatible

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Juliana disse...

Aaaaah, tava doida por essa blusa *-*
Obrigada Augusto =)

Augusto disse...

aushuashua muito obrigado Juliana!!!=Dhehe

lorindas disse...

Oh! Wow! Augusto is awesome! Yes, awesome! Aw-w-w!
Great job! Thank you very much!

Re Maron disse...

Adorei! Obrigada por compartinhar! =D

Augusto disse...

hahahahahahaha ohh thanks!!
I'm happy that you like!!

Obrigado!!=D hehe

JS Sims 3 disse...

It's awesome! I love it!
It's simple but pretty!

Anônimo disse...

lovely ! where did you get the boots in the second photo?

Anônimo disse...

* I meant boots in the last picture

Nemushi disse...

Where can i find the pant and the shoes on the last picture please? Great job ! Thanks.

amylet disse...

Awww I love it :D
Thanks for sharing!

Augusto disse...

@ JS Sims 3

@ Anônimo
Thanks =D here is the boots!! http://modish-kitten.net/sims3/

@ Anônimo
here, the boots of last pic...

@ Nemushi
ohh i'm happy that you like =D
the boots http://www.acecreators.blogspot.com.br/2012/03/artemis-boots-by-anubis.html

and the pants

Augusto disse...

@ amylet
hehe thanks thanks thanks!!

Justin_58 disse...

Please check your emails :D pleasee..:D

Augusto disse...


Unknown disse...

where can i find third pic pant? and thx for your awesome stuff.

Ivynivky disse...

It's so pretty ,hey,where did you get the shoes in the second last picture?

Augusto disse...

Thanks Guys!!

Here the shoes: http://modish-kitten.net/sims3/

and here the pant: http://www.all-about-style.com/Sims3adult_fecabottom4.html

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